Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Weekend

I am trying to catch the blog up to real time, so don't judge me as I am still posting pictures from Easter weekend.  My folks came and stayed with us for the weekend.

Mimi and PawPaw with the boys...

Chad's parents came over on Sunday and boy do they know how to do an egg hunt up right.  Each egg is filled with could be candy, change or even dollars! There are also eggs with each child's initial on them and eggs that make noise so you have to listen closely to find those.

We gave Jacob a head start since he was still in "recovery mode" from surgery and can't run. 

We also do an egg hunt with our friends/neighbors the Moores.  It's kind of become a regular thing every year that the boys look forward to.

Oh, these two crack me up!  They hunted for their eggs together, trying to pool their resources to find more eggs than their older brothers I bet.

 Looks like they spotted some more eggs and they're off...

Checking out their loot, they get excited when they find money inside.

He's so my child.  I know the red hair gives it away, but we also share the love of a Sunday afternoon nap.

Sophie Kate got a new pair of sunglasses and a couple of swimsuits or "swim trunks" as Grey called them in her Easter basket.
 Sister is ready for summer and so are we!  Thanks for checking in on us.

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