Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Book

Sophie Kate has been back at school this week.  I kept her out for a week and a half because I thought she was getting sick, but it really turned out to be just coughing and congestion which is pretty much the norm for her.  Then I kind of freaked out about the flu, which is still very much going around and decided I wasn't sending her back to school until March.  Then I came to my senses somewhat and sent her back to school this week.  I seriously haven't been this concerned about her getting the flu since we brought her home from the hospital 5 years ago.  I really am ready for it to be March.

I am currently reading a book by Ann Voskamp called "1,000 Gifts."  I'm learning to find grace gifts in the everyday ordinariness of life.  I enjoy reading her blog (, her writing style really speaks to me and I have been wanting to read this book for some time.  It changes your whole attitude when you have a spirit of thankfulness.  Being thankful for both the big and small things in life puts things in perspective pretty quickly.  There are numerous instances in the New Testament where Jesus gives thanks to God first and foremost before doing anything else.  He is our example, He is who we should pattern our lives after.  In her book, Ann Voskamp speaks to us as Christ followers that giving thanks is the key to living a life full of joy in Christ.  

I have started a list of my "1,000 gifts" and one of the things on my list from last week spent at home with my girl was...mornings spent together, just the two of us, with no schedule and nowhere we had to be.  We haven't had that much consecutive time together in a while.  Usually I would be going crazy after 5 days cooped up in the house, but it was wonderful to slow down and take in all the things I have to be thankful for.  Her smile, those big brown eyes that are so bright in the morning and the joy that radiates from her sweet face are just of a few of the things that made my list last week.  This will be an ongoing thing for me as I challenge myself to find my "1,000 gifts," I'm looking forward to the journey.           

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day

After all that talk about not getting much snow around here, look what happened yesterday.

 "Ask and you shall receive"
The kids got out of school early and that's when the real fun began.

 His face is priceless, he just enjoys life!

 Yeah, he was actually coming after me...

Trying to get the biggest snowball he can carry and throw it at his brother...

 The brothers are constantly after each other...

Frank got in on the action early on when there was only a little snow on the ground.  He quickly tired of all the "white stuff" and decided it was way overrated as he laid stretched out by the fire.  His first snow experience was short lived.

 A pretty snowfall...
What a wonderful afternoon spent with my kids.  I made it a point not to fret about all the wet clothes, gloves, hats and floors, not to sigh and wish that I didn't have all this extra laundry to do because I had one on the inside that I would have given anything for her to able to run and play in the snow.  I wouldn't have cared how much she messed up, got wet and changed, so I made a choice not be annoyed by her brothers doing it either...made for a stress free afternoon and a more relaxed mama.  Good Times!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching Up

There was snow on the ground the day we arrived at my parent's house on Dec. 26.  This was the first thing the boys did when we got there...

It's not like they are so far north, it's only Mississippi. How come they always get more snow than us?
And yes where I come from this isn't just a dusting, it's snow and it's just enough to send us all scampering to the grocery stores to clean them out of bread and milk.  I really don't know why, it's just what we do.  It lasted a couple of days, long enough for the boys to get out there and throw dirty snowballs at each other.

We also went to Sky Zone while we were there.  We've never been to such a place, trampolines on the floors and on the walls. 

Those boys were worn out after just one hour.
Good gracious, I love that face.  I'd do anything to see that face happy like that everyday.

One of Sophie Kate's school outfits, she looks so grown up.

Couldn't leave out our little Frank, here he is in the sweater we got him for Christmas, ha ha.  He looks thrilled doesn't he?

Sophie Kate has started off this week not feeling well. Nothing major just sinus cough and congestion, but just enough to get her down.  Please pray for her health during this sick season.

Ephesians 3:20-21 "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen."

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just a Glimpse

While we were at my parent's house over Christmas break, I felt it my obligation one evening to get a hold of my youngest niece and her untamable hair.  Olivia is 1 1/2 years old with blond curly hair.  I usually refer to her as a hot mess.  She's wide open and all over the place so you can imagine that those curls get a bit unruly from time to time.  I was able to get her still for just a few minutes and put her hair into pigtails. Well, it must have been a hit because after that she was attached to me like she has never been before.  She wanted me to hold her, pick her up, sit with her, play with her and even fell asleep on me one night, she was just the sweetest thing.
One evening when they were over she looked up at me and said "Amye."  I wish y'all could have heard how she said it, I don't think I will ever forget it, that sweet soft little girl voice that I am so unfamiliar with.  It sounded so foreign to me that I was powerless to do anything but stop and stare in disbelief with my mouth wide open.  I don't think I have ever heard a little girl that small, that young say my name before.  I wanted to disappear.  I wanted to never hear it again and at the same time I never wanted her to stop. Would that be the way Sophie Kate's voice would sound? Would SK look up at me like that so proud of herself for saying my name?  Would she reach her arms up to me like that to pick her up?  She would and that's what makes it so hard and so wonderful at the same time.

I see the boys with her and think that's how they would play with Sophie Kate.  Jacob and Grey help her up and down the stairs even though she can do it by herself.  Cooper carries her anywhere she wants to go.  They all help her with her dolls and doll strollers.  They do pretty much anything she wants.  It's hard to see them with her and know they will never have that kind of relationship with their own sister.  

It was just a moment but a moment that had an impact on me.  This is a glimpse into how the smallest thing can pierce straight to my heart and make my eyes uncontrollably well up with tears.  I have to let the feelings come even though I don't always know how to deal with them.  It is a journey and I know I have to take my emotions just like my at a time.  
 The girl cousins at Smith Lake, 2012

It's a weird thing how joy and pain can coexist, just like laughter and sadness all at once.  It's just part of my life and I don't want to miss out on the blessing of it all or the person God is still molding me to be.  I told my sister that I'm afraid she'll forget me now that we are all back home, she's precious and I don't want to think about her not remembering who her "Amye" is.

Thanks for checking in on us.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year

Having a birthday at the beginning of a new year (January 6), causes one to be more reflective and introspective than is really necessary, not only is it a new calendar year but it is also a new birthday year.  On top of everything else, it was my 40th birthday so I was all over the place.  Didn't want to make too much of it or too little of it, like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," I wanted it to be just right.

I have actually been thinking about this birthday for a year now and I knew when I turned 39 that I didn't want to be that same person when I turned 40, something had to change.  For those of you that see me on a somewhat regular basis, you know that I have been on a weight loss journey since March 2012.  I started with the C25K (couch to 5K) app and believe me when I tell you I literally started from the couch.  One day I was on the couch happily snacking away and watching TV and the next day I found myself running (if that's what you can call it) for 20 and 30 seconds at a time.  

That's how it starts, it's not fast or all at once and I certainly wasn't saying "that was super fun, I feel great now."  Quite the opposite, I hurt and I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep every night at 7:00pm and sometimes I did.  Over time though, I gained stamina and confidence and strength.  I found myself able to run longer and longer distances and even after I finished the C25K app I kept going.  The weight started to come off and that just served as fuel for me to keep going.  I met my goal of where I wanted to be by the time I turned 40.  I'm not done yet, I've just met the first of many goals I have set for myself.

My family has been beyond supportive, of course if you know my husband that comes as no surprise to you.  I know with 100% confidence that his love for me has never changed, he never put any pressure on me to do this, he never made me feel less of a person and he loves me just the same as he did this time last year...that's a wonderful thing to know.

In addition, there are also 2 apps and 2 people that have helped me immensely.  The apps are C25K (as I have already mentioned) and My Fitness Pal.  If you have not discovered My Fitness Pal for yourself just go download it from the app store, it's free, and you can thank me later.  As for the two people, I don't want to call them out by name because I didn't check with them beforehand, but they know who they are.  They have literally been with me logging mile after mile 5 days a week since March.  I can't thank them enough.  They have been such an encouragement to me and it's just more fun than going by yourself day after day, because I know me and I would not have been as diligent without the accountability of these two girls.

I needed to do this for my daughter so that I can continue to lift her/move her and take care of her long term and I also needed to show my boys that it's important to be healthy...what you look like is not important, it's how you feel.  And I do feel better, I have more energy and I actually even enjoy my morning runs now.  Who am I?

No one has even laughed at the pitiful way I run, I can't believe it, because believe me y'all it's sad.  People walk faster than I run, no lie.  Thanks to all my family and friends for all the support and encouragement I have received along the way, y'all are too kind. 

Friday, January 4, 2013


Snapshots from Christmas Day...before, during and after. It went by way too fast, it always does.
Dec.22 at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Cooper did such a good job with SK for all the pictures we took, she sat up so nicely with him.  Each one of the boys has their own relationship with her and each one is different. She's a lucky girl.

All the girl cousins in their cute hats.

 Christmas morning...

 His faces are the absolute best!!

I'm not sure if Grey was more excited about his ipod or his giant Hershey bar, it's definitely a toss up.

 A Disney Princess CD player for our princess...
 and a new baby doll.

 Grey was a little bit excited about his whittling knife. 

These are my absolute favorite! Her face is of my most special gifts this Christmas.

 Our little ninja...
What a special time we had with all our families and with each other.  All of our Christmas decorations have been taken down and are stored away for another year.  The games and presents will lose their newness and slowly fade away, but I hope the time we spent together will always be remembered.  It's the quality and quantity of our time that's important.  Our kids want our time and they want a lot of it.  I hope what will stick with them is not what they received but what they to others, celebrating the birth of our Savior and spending time with cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and each other.

Sooo not ready to get back to schedules yet, y'all know that Grey has been loving his pajama days.  Thanks for checking in on us.