Thursday, April 5, 2012

Botanical Gardens

Next up on our Spring Break tour of Memphis was the Botanical Gardens.  

It was a beautiful day in an equally beautiful setting.

Love that gorgeous blue sky. 

There was an area called "My Big Backyard" that was extremely kid friendly.  They had a ball there.

Lots of places to run and jump... 

Our cousins joined us there.

We spent quite a bit of time at this man made stream.  The kids were just begging to put their hands and feet in. 

It was all a sneaky compromise on our part...sure y'all can get in the stream if you give us a good group picture...
 ...and they did.

It was a fun day and once again something I had never done living there all those years.  

Thanks for checking in on us.  Hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend.

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