Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Photography Session

I haven't had pictures made of the kids since fall of 2010, so we were way overdue for these...
Our photographer friend Kim Maye took these fantastic shots of our family at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
These pictures of our girl brought tears to my eyes. She is so beautiful.  
This one captures these boys perfectly...
Sophie Kate and her daddy, the only guy that tops Grey in her world and believe me he has to work really hard to do that, ha ha.
These pictures mean so much to me.  They will only be like this for a short time.  They mean so much to me because I know the people in them so well.  They are not just pictures to me, there's so much meaning behind each one.  Like the one of the boys being silly, it captures their spirit so well and I love how Grey is holding on to Cooper.  The way Chad is looking at SK in their picture together makes me think of the way he takes care of her and doesn't shy away from doing anything that needs to be done for her.  Also, the one of the boys looking at their sister is so precious to me.  There's something I love in all of them. 

A huge thanks to Kim Maye Photography for these pictures that I will treasure.

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Lori Osero said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous family. Your kids are inspiring with how well they are with SK. ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing. Danny sends his love n kisses to his girlfriend from far :)