Monday, April 2, 2012

Good News

We've had a great weekend, just hanging out and doing a whole lotta nothing, cause remember that's what we're committed to this spring, ha ha.  Jacob is recovering from his ear surgery really well.  His doctor is being really strict on him this time with his recovery...he doesn't want Jacob doing any physical activity for 6 weeks.  

The thing is Jacob feels fine but the bionic ear needs some time to heal.  So I've got a perfectly fine 9 year old boy on my hands that can't participate in recess or PE at school, can't ride his bike, can't jump on the trampoline, can't run, can't shoot basketball and can't even wrestle with the brothers.  Don't they know that 9 year old boys don't walk any where they go...they run.  This will be no easy task.

We received some good news from Sophie Kate's urologist on Friday of last week.  SK has passed her kidney stones. Yes, the kidney stones she has had since she was 6 months old.  The kidney stones her doctor said at our last visit that she wouldn't be able to pass on her own.  Yes, the kidney stones that we have visited via ultrasound every 3-4 months for 3 and 1/2 years...and no, we aren't going to miss them one bit.

This is huge news for us.  I am going to try to put it in perspective for you...see SK's urologist has been wanting to get these stones out for some time now, thinking that any day they could start causing her problems.  It's just that she needed to be a bit older and the timing never seemed to work out.  Well in the fall of 2011, with SK being old enough for Lithotripsy, we made an appointment at another hospital to do the procedure because our children's hospital doesn't do Lithotripsy yet.  We had a date scheduled in December of 2011.  However, after the difficult time SK had in recovery after her hip surgery in October, the hospital we had her scheduled with for Lithotripsy called and cancelled her procedure.  They didn't want anything to do with her once they found out about the 4 hour recovery she had after her hip surgery.  

I have to say that Chad and I were relieved by the cancellation.  We knew that Sophie Kate just couldn't be put back to sleep so soon after everything that occurred after her last surgery.  That is when the questions and worries about these stones started popping into my mind...what if the stones start causing her problems? What if she can't pass them? We can't put her back to sleep for another procedure or surgery right now.

So after our most recent ultrasound and visit with the Urologist, it has been confirmed...yes she did pass the stones and her kidneys look and are functioning normally. No surgery needed, no more procedures for her to endure, we even get to take one doctor out of the never ending cycle of MD visits.  She sooo deserves some good news, she sooo deserves for something to work out in her favor.  

We have been told so many terrible things by so many doctors concerning our daughter.  We have been given many diagnoses.  We've been told not to get our "hopes" up about anything.  Seeing her as so much more than those things has been our call.  I always remind myself on days when we get a difficult report that SK is the same smiling girl that day that she was the day before and it's the same when we get good news too.  That little girl is our same sweet smiling sunshine today just as she was last week, except she's doing it with no kidney stones this week, ha!! Thankful that we serve a God who is not bound by a diagnosis.

Thanks for always sharing in the good, the bad, and the passed kidney stones with us.


Dawn Conn said...

what wonderful news! Glory be to God!!! I love ALL of you guys
Dawn Conn

Michelle said...

Praise God for the wonderful news!!