Monday, April 23, 2012

Railroad Park

We spent one of our "no baseball" weekend days at the Birmingham Railroad Park a few weeks ago.  The park is located in downtown Birmingham and has wide walking/bike riding paths, a playground and then these very scary cement bowls in the ground that my two oldest boys rode their bikes in that scared their mama to death.

 See how deep they were...very scary...and yes that's Jacob.

Grey's not very skilled on a bike yet so there was no way he was going near those cement bowls.  

Y'all know if there is water around my boys will always find it...

 Yes, Sassy was with us and she so enjoyed the beautiful day.  I love this one of the wind in her hair.  
The beauty and peacefulness of a gorgeous day is never lost on this girl, she loves the outdoors and always has.
I think I was a bit inspired by trying out some new things in Memphis while we were there for Spring Break, so I decided we need to do the same here at home.  A Yogurt Mountain stop on the way home rounded out a pretty perfect day.

Thanks for checking in on us.

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