Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks

We spent Thanksgiving with Chad's family this year and in case you didn't know, when everyone gets together we are quite a force to be reckoned with and even though we were missing 4 of our members this year I think the kids outnumbered the grown ups yet again.  We better hope they never decide to stage a revolt.  We keep them happy by supplying them with snacks of all kinds including but not limited to chex mix, chips, fruit and desserts aplenty.

This group is also known for cooking a lot of food.  I know, I know doesn't everyone around this time of year?  Well, we met and surpassed our own record by cooking 4 turkeys this year.  Yep, you heard me f-o-u-r...umm...winner!  I am personally giving thanks for the fried turkey that my husband and his brother cooked.  It was a first for me and I have to say that I am a fan of the deep fried turkey. 
Yes, that is a picture of our Thanksgiving turkey being fried.  I wish I could show you a picture of the finished product, but alas it didn't occur to anyone to do anything with it but eat it once it was done, yum!

I love our kid table.  Like I said before, we do our best to keep this group happy so that all the grown ups can stay happy, it's not a bad position for those kids to be in, ha ha.

Cooper and Jacob somehow bypassed the kid table and went straight to the grownup table, they don't seem to mind, do they?

I'm pretty sure this was the first time Sophie Kate has been out of her pajamas in four weeks and while that may seem like a dream come true to some, it really does get old after a while.  It was good for her and me to get cleaned up and get out of the house for something other than a doctor's appointment or an ER visit, you know?  I know this isn't a very good picture of SK but I wanted to show y'all how sweet her cousin Jill was with her.  I caught her in a random act of kindness with SK.

I had a sweet encounter with Jill's brother Michael as well, in which he was singing to "Sophie Cake."  I thought it was so cute that he called her that.
OK, that picture is better...she looks a bit more happy in that one.  I will say that this continues to be a slow process. She is getting better each day but she is still not my sweet smiley Sophie.  It concerns me that it is taking this long to get my baby girl back.

Leave it to Cooper to find himself some alone time even amongst a crowd of people.  He hollered up to me to take a picture of one of the fish he caught.  Even with my long lens I couldn't get close enough, sadly I don't think I did that fish he caught any justice, sorry dude.

It was good for us to be able to stay close to home this year. Sophie Kate was in no shape to be driving long distances. It was good to see everyone (even though we were missing some), just hang out, watch some football and let the kids play.  

By the way, Chad's birthday is today and having him here for the past five days has spoiled me greatly.  I miss him today, but am grateful for his commitment to me and to our children. He's showing these boys what a real man is and what a real man does by the way he loves and cares for them, their sister and their mama.  Happy 40th Chad!    

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