Monday, November 14, 2011


Our last day at Disney World was spent at Epcot.  

There were a couple of things that were "new" to us there. One was the Finding Nemo ride.  Whew, sorry sister the sun was pretty bright that day.

The other ride that was "new" to us was Soarin'.  It's supposed to be a ride that simulates hang gliding, I guess it all just felt too real to me, good job Disney.  I rode it, the boys loved it, of course.

I would say that Test Track and Soarin' were the fan favorites for our boys.  We slowed things down a bit with a boat ride in "The Land." 

 Once again, Sophie Kate rode everything she could.  Test Track and Soarin' were the only two she missed.

Next, we headed to the countries.  In England we saw Alice in Wonderland...

Mary Poppins... 

and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

Sophie Kate was about to fall asleep during her visit with Pooh and Tigger.  She doesn't care who you are if she's tired then she's sleeping.

In Morocco, we met up with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.  I love how they sign their names on the same page and under Aladdin, Jasmine writes "loves Jasmine," so cute.

Everyone had their own autograph book, but SK's had a place for a picture with each autograph.  I definitely wanted her picture made with all the Princesses as well, so after the group shot with Aladdin and Jasmine I said, "Ok now can we get one with just Sophie Kate?"  I really just meant the girls, but Aladdin didn't take the hint, ha ha.  It's ok though, they were darling together.

Ice cream breaks were plentiful the last few days we were there because we had an abundance of snacks left on our meal plan, as if our children had been denied in the days prior, ha ha.  

Seriously, our abundance of meals and snacks became a running joke.  It seemed each time we used them the number got bigger instead of smaller.  One day we started out with 25 meals left and ended the day with 37 meals left, it seemed like that anyway.  At one point Chad declared that no one could get a drink the next day without ordering a meal, just kidding of course.  So about mid morning of the next day he asked me if I wanted something to drink to which I responded, "Yes, I'm dying of thirst over here but I don't want a burger and fries too."  

The fountain at Epcot that is set to music...

As we left Epcot on our last night in Disney, Chad thought the kids might like to ride the monorail.  We had been taking Disney's buses each day from our hotel, but a huge memory of Disney for both of us was riding the monorail and our kids had not had that pleasure yet.  I have to emphasize that the crowds were not bad at all so we pretty much did whatever we wanted, when we was glorious.  It ended up to be a crazy trip back to our hotel, but one I'll never forget.  

We took the monorail from Epcot to the Transportation Center in hopes of then taking a bus back to our hotel.  It didn't quite work out that way since the buses don't go to the Transportation Center, so we ended up taking the ferry from there over to Magic Kingdom.  It was getting late and folks were weary to say the least. However, Chad couldn't have timed it any better...we had a restful ferry ride over to Magic Kingdom at the exact time the fireworks were going off over Cinderella's Castle.  The music was piped in to the speakers on the ferry and we had a perfect view of the Castle in all it's firework glory.  Cinderella's Castle is the heartbeat of Disney for me for lots of reasons, it is from whence all Disney blessings flow.  That moment was not lost on me, perfect end to a perfect week.  Yeah, he planned it that way all along, love you babe.

Don't be sad, our Disney vacation is not complete yet.  We have one more post to go...our lunch with the Disney Princesses.  Stay tuned, this is where Grey's rock star pose came to a swift and immediate end.    

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Shauna said...

I'm curious what kind of stroller you are using. We got a "lightweight" medical stroller for my daughter but it is way too big for her! They said it would fit her based on her measurements and we didn't get a chance to see it before they delivered it. Well, it didn't really work out so well! Yours looks like it fits Sophie so well and my daughter close in age to her.