Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jedi Training

I promised a post completely dedicated to my Jedi in training and here it is in all it's's 100% Star Wars and 100% brothers.  We happened upon the Jedi training at Disney's Hollywood Studios completely by accident.  As had been policy during our Disney trip, we arrived at each park when it opened and didn't leave until they kicked us out, ha ha.  

Seriously though it really paid off that day, when the gates at Hollywood Studios opened, we headed straight to Star Tours per the brother's request.  As we were walking I saw folks running (yes running) to get in line at this one place. There were no signs, we had no clue what all the hype was about but we knew enough to get ourselves in that line and ask questions later.  So we got in line and Chad went to the front to get some answers, when he came back the first words out of his mouth were, "Oh yeah, we're all over this, it's for Jedi training."  

We got the boys signed up for the 5:45 show.  Yep, you heard me they were going to be in a Star Wars show, on stage and everything and by around 10:00 in the morning, just one hour into the opening of Hollywood Studios, all the spots were filled for Jedi training for the entire day.  Oh this was going to be huge, so glad we stumbled upon that one.

The boys had to report a half hour before their show for wardrobe and instructions, Chad stayed with them while sister and I went to get a spot front and center.  

It wasn't long before we spotted the younglings...

They really were excited contrary to what the above pictures show, I think they were just trying to get into character and didn't appreciate all the paparazzi (aka me) gettin' up in their business.  

This was our Jedi Master, trained by Yoda himself...

He was fantastic and never broke character save for one brief moment when he commented on Grey's hair.  You'll see it in Grey's video later, too funny.

More training for the Padawan learners...

That smile never left Grey's face...

It didn't matter how serious he was trying to be, that smile broke through every time, I'll never forget it.

Spoiler Alert:  I realize that this stuff is not real (not really boys it's totally real, I'm just kidding) but when Darth Vader came out along with that music playing, it was quite a scene and those younglings eyes were as big as saucers.

G-man vs. Vader

This was a big guy, as you can see Grey only came up to his waist.

Grey was a bit slow on the uptake, it was Darth Vader after all.  Did you hear the Jedi Master's comment on Grey's hair?

Jacob vs. Vader

Jacob was all over it...

Did you hear all the cheers?  Jacob wasn't the first one that fought Vader, but he was the first one that nailed it like he did.  How could you not cheer for him?

Cooper vs. Vader

This was an outdoor stage and as the show progressed more and more people stopped to watch.  Cooper had quite an audience by the time he got up there.

There was a moment where Darth Vader was trying to get the younglings to come over to the Dark Side.  I was so afraid that Grey was going to volunteer, b/c that would have been so like him to do something like that. Thankfully he kept his place behind the Jedi Master.

After defeating Darth Vader the young Padawan learners received their diplomas for having completed their Jedi training.  I'm not sure who was happier...them or their daddy.  

Oh goodness, our time at Disney World is coming to an end.  We spent our last day at Epcot and had lunch with the Disney Princesses there.  Stay tuned, can't wait to share it with you.  

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