Monday, November 7, 2011

Hollywood Studios

Today we are getting back to our Disney vacation, I was actually joking when I said that I would be blogging about Disney up until Christmas.  OK, what I'm thinking is that maybe I can wrap up the month of October by December and then maybe I'll get to Christmas some time before Valentine's day, ha ha.  

Sophie Kate is recovering well at home.  We are having some problems with seizures though, they have been plentiful and hard to control over the past few days.  Please pray specifically that we can get her seizures under control.    

Alright, we left off on day three in the Magic Kingdom.  Day four at Walt Disney World was spent at Hollywood Studios, or as I have always called it...MGM.

Guess where we headed first? Yep, Star Tours and I have to say it is the absolute best 3D simulator I have ever been on. You really felt like you were in one of the Star Wars movies...daddy and his boys were all over this one.

After our Star Tours adventures, we adopted the motto of "divide and conquer," mainly because the boys didn't want to see Beauty and the Beast and the girls did.  I have always loved this show and couldn't wait to share it with my girl.

Once again the folks at Disney hooked us up, we were asked whether we wanted to sit up front or in the back....ummm, up front please.  Well, how's the front row SK?

The stage was about 5 feet from us, best seats ever!!

She was full of smiles, such a special time with her.

There is no way I could keep count of how many times these boys rode Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.  Even I rode Rockin' Roller coaster with them and with only minimal screaming I might add.  

Rockin' Roller coaster was the hands down favorite, across the board.  However, the first time Chad and the boys went to get on it, they told Grey he wasn't tall enough to ride.  I really don't know what the deal was because he was tall enough to ride all the other rides at Disney that had a height requirement of 48 inches, but turned away he was. Little did they know, we are not a family that takes "no" for an answer so as soon as we saw that there was a new person guarding the Rockin' Roller Coaster entrance we tried our luck with them, ha ha sneaky I know, but it worked.  Grey was deemed tall enough to ride (which he was) and was not turned away again, much to his and his parent's delight.

The parade at Hollywood Studios...

We ran into one of the army men from Toy Story. FYI...the toy story ride was great, I think I liked it more than the Buzz Lightyear ride in Magic Kingdom. 

I love their enthusiasm...

We were front row of the Indiana Jones show and even though I had seen it before years front row was a great way to see that show.  Not only did we get to see all the action up close, but we got to feel it too.  Here the boys are with one of the props from the show...

One word sums up Hollywood Studios for me, it was what I had waited for from the time the park had opened that morning....Fantasmic!!

I've lost count how many times I have said this but...front row again, best seats in the house!!  We were taken by the Disney folks straight through the crowd at Fantasmic all the way up to the front and if you have ever been to this show, you know that it's quite a crowd.

Great show, gives me goose bumps every time.  It's a word in and of itself, truly Fantasmic!!

I have purposefully left one of the main ingredients out of our day at Hollywood Studios only because it deserves it's own day, but I will give you a sneak peek.

The force was strong with these younglings, stay tuned there's video too.  Thanks for checking in on us.

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