Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas decorations have been up for weeks but I didn't want to brag about it too early and make y'all all feel inadequate and stuff so I decided to wait until at least after Thanksgiving to share, ha ha.  I have said before that I was not raised that way, but my mama understands how happy it makes me and my first born so she has forgiven us.

It is true...those Christmas decorations and that tree does make me happy although it loses a lot of it's joy once it's time for everything to come down, then I'm not so thrilled about it all, but for the time being Cooper and I are happy. Since Sophie Kate has been born we have put up what I call our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  I call it that because it's not as tall or as full as our big tree, but bonus it's a pre-lit tree.  I found it on super sale after Christmas one year and thought I had found the bargain of the century...a pre-lit tree not one that you have to put all the branches and lights on.

(Christmas 2010-Our Charlie Brown tree-Ok, I admit it is kind of pitiful now that I look back on it.  I didn't seem that bad at the time.)

I got what I wanted, it was much easier and it was still a pretty tree (well, maybe not) and I got away with it for 4 years.  Each year though, Cooper would ask me if we could put the big tree up and each year I somehow talked him out of it...until this year.  He wouldn't budge, no amount of begging, pleading or bribing on my part would make him change his position, so I gave in and I am so glad I did...
You can't see all the lights in this picture, but it is a pretty tree.  I told Cooper I was glad he insisted and then I made him promise to help me take it all down, when the time comes.  I don't miss the Charlie Brown tree at all this year. One of my favorite things is turning all the lights off at night while the lights of the tree glow. 

Like this...

I remember when Sophie Kate was in the NICU.  Instead of going back up to the hospital like I always did in the evenings, I decided to stay home one night and we put the tree up together.  It was just Chad and I and the boys and we all needed that even if it was the Charlie Brown tree that year.  It was such a difficult time but you have to continue to do some of those things that you used to do to keep your mind from being consumed by the enormity of the situation.   

This has been Sophie Kate's best week since her surgery over a month ago.  She is healing well from her surgery and her kidney infection although being immobile, feeling bad and lying flat on her back for over 4 weeks has left her extremely weak.  Her smile has emerged this week and she has been able to string together 3 good days...for that I am thankful.  Sophie Kate so enjoys the lights of the season, it's time for her to feel well enough to enjoy them this year.

Happy Birthday to my daddy.  I've been told all my life that I'm just like him, sometimes that's been intended as a compliment and sometimes it hasn't, ha ha.  I always take it as a good thing though, b/c this daddy's girl thinks the world of him.  He proudly shares a birthday with our black lab Jake.  Even though Jake has been gone for years, I remind daddy every year when I call that it was always him and Jake on December 1st.  If you knew my daddy you would know that he totally doesn't mind, Jake was a really good dog.  Happy Birthday Daddy!  

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