Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Pictures

This is what I wake up to every morning...

Ha Ha...I just noticed his tshirt is on backwards. He is so hilarious and by the way this hair is very tame compared to the crazy hair he usually wakes up with. His routine of late has consisted of getting up when Cooper and Jacob get up for school and going straight into mine and Chad's room and crawling back in our bed and asking me to turn cartoons on for him. I cannot tell y'all how jealous I am of him when I see him all snuggled in our bed while I am usually running crazy trying to get myself and his sister ready for the day.

This is the sweetest picture of my sister and SK taken over Spring Break.

Also taken over Spring Break...we dressed all the girl cousins up in matching sundresses and attempted the impossible...a group picture. Hey, nobody had to know that it was probably in the 50's outside, you have to take advantage of your opportunities when you have them, right?

We are fixing to start end of season baseball's kept us busy for about a month and a half now, but it's a fun busy. We'll have a couple of more weeks of cheering for our Astros, Rangers and Pirates.

Our girl is still not 100%, in fact I had to take her back to the doctor just this week for fever and vomiting. She is such a mystery to us all, no one knows exactly what is causing all this. She bounces back well though and is still our happy smiley girl 99% of the time.

This is how we find SK's stuffed animals from time to time. It's not me or Chad that does it's those sweet brothers. They know where SK likes to sit and that she likes to hold one of her babies while she sits there too. did that get in there? Well, I did say it was random pictures. Guess I'm having a hard time re-entering reality and letting this one go.

Thanks for checking in on us. Have a great weekend!

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