Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Crush vs First Love

My husband surprised me on Valentine's Day with tickets to see Bon Jovi in concert. Well, the concert is this week and I am going to be spending the night away from all of my children, yes you heard me right...all of them. My mom and Chad's mom are giving us the best gift...the gift of some time to ourselves. I am so excited. Of course it goes without saying that Chad is henceforth absolved of all future gift holidays for many years to come. He managed to completely surprise me, I absolutely could not believe it.

You see Jon Bon Jovi and I have had quite a relationship. A relationship that has spanned upwards of 20 years...ouch, I hate admitting that. I have only see him in concert once and it was in 1986 just after "You Give Love a Bad Name" had come out. Bon Jovi was the opening act for 38 Special and my friend and I of course just went to see Bon Jovi. In fact, we left when 38 Special took the stage. I remember my friend Mike was appalled my this, he could not believe that we had left. I'm sure it was best that we never spoke of it again if we were to remain friends.

Well now, after 24 years we are finally going to be reunited, I'm sure I have thought about him more over the years than he has thought about me...or am I getting the real Jon confused with the "life size" poster Jon that I had in my room...sorry I digress. I think it was his constant touring, he was never around and time and distance just came between us, although I never gave up on him completely. In any case, I will be introducing my first crush to my first love and as much as I thought I loved Jon Bon Jovi, it doesn't hold a candle to the life long love and devotion I share with my man. He can try and woo me with his songs but he will never do for my heart what the guy who will be standing next to me does for my heart everyday.


Mike said...

Your darn right I was appalled !!! I still can't believe you missed the .38 Special show. :)

I am very glad you are getting to reunite with Jon and I hope that you and Chad have a perfect evening.

Amye Jo said...

Mike, I will never forget your reaction...obviously it has stayed with me all these years. Thanks for hanging in there w/me even through the rough times.