Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Teeballer

This is what he has been doing the past 2 years, watching and waiting...

We told him this year would be his year. He would be the one hitting the ball and running the bases. He would be the one in the uniform. No more wearing his big brothers baseball caps...he would have one of his very own.

This time when he wore the "McManic" shirt it was his own, not Cooper's, not Jacob's.

It was so much fun watching him this year. He had the biggest smile on his face every time he was at bat.

Getting ready to run...

He's safe!

"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play"

Yeah, he's ready alright, ready to play in the dirt. All you hear on the tee ball field are the coaches and parents continuously telling the kids to "get up" and to "stop playing in the dirt." I just wish I could say that the playing in the dirt ends with tee ball. Boys will be boys and boys of all ages cannot resist the pull to become one with the dirt.

Spring 2010 4 Year Old Pirates

Yes, daddy was the coach. We are 2 time tee ball veterans after all. Little did he know that he would need the patience of Job to make it through, but make it through he did and they all had loads of fun along the way.

Our favorite little Pirate...

Best buddies...

We had a ball with you G-man.

Can't wait till next year!

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