Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Styles

Oh we are sooo ready for summer around here, I know you all are too. It's been a long cold weird winter here. Anyway with warmer temps come new clothes for SK...well new to her b/c her mama loves a good consignment store/sale.

This summer will be the summer of the headband. They are so cute and the possibilities are endless. I ordered her some different styles and colors off Etsy and didn't feel bad about it b/c the prices were so good.

Here's just one example of the new look SK will be rockin' for summer...

This one is so funny to me b/c it looks like SK is sporting a baby "bump it," sooo funny...

The big cracks me up...we may have to grow into this one sister.

We will also be mixing it up with the side braid from time to time so be on the lookout for that too.

Don't worry, all your classic favorites will be in the mix as well including but not limited to the whale spout, pig tails, and the plain but pretty natural look.

Oh I can't wait...we are dreaming of the days of sundresses and headbands, shorts and tshirts and bathing suits and bare feet.

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