Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jacob's Surgery

My little boy is tucked all snugly into my bed. Daddy has volunteered to be on the couch tonight so that my little guy can be next to his mama, today has been quite a day for him. Four hours and 45 minutes of surgery time plus 45 minutes of recovery time will almost send a person over the edge.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:15, were in our room at 9:05 and Jacob was taken back for surgery at 10:45. At 3:30, Jacob was in recovery and the doctor came out to talk to us. He said the surgery went good, the reason it took so long was b/c the cyst in Jacob's right ear "was everywhere." It was just a very long process to remove everything. At 4:15 Jacob was brought back to us with a lot of packing over his right ear and a thing that goes completely around his head to keep the bandage in place.

We finally got to leave about 6:00, Jacob has had and is still having problems with nausea and all the gross stuff that comes along with that. I feel terrible for him, he can't even sit upright w/o getting sick. The only thing he can do is to lay on his "good ear" on the couch, he can't even change positions b/c he can't lay on his "bad ear." The look on his face says it all. It breaks my heart b/c those of you who know him know what a happy-go-lucky kid he is, he's hurting so bad. Thank goodness I know what to do about that, he will be getting his pain medicine (and I mean the good stuff) around the clock.

The best part about today was that we got to come home. We can handle a lot here, there was no way I was staying there tonight unless things were really bad. SK has always done better once we bring her home. Well, we are all home tonight, exhausted but home nonetheless and home will make it all better in time.

Thank you all for your prayers today.

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