Sunday, September 13, 2009

Girlie Girl

I was never a girlie girl growing up, I know I know it's a shock to those of you who know me, ha ha. You've always pictured me taking dance and being a cheerleader haven't you? I hate to burst your bubble, but I was a total tomboy...again shocker I know. So how is it that I am totally over the moon about all things sweet, sassy and girlie? If it's froo froo, frilly, or monogrammed I, I mean SK just has to have it.

Take a look at my girl...

Yes, she is totally wearing a tutu and wore it all day long Saturday just b/c she can. I would have died first if I had been her, am I doing her a disservice here b/c I think she is unbelievably darling. Her outfits have nothing to do w/how precious she is to me though? All this outfit talk is just a guilty pleasure of mine. She is so precious to me b/c God has entrusted me with her care while here on this earth. It is still hard to see all this as a blessing but nevertheless with God's wisdom and strength I will care for her to the absolute best of my ability until the day I or she is called home.

Her smile every morning or when I have been gone from her for a few hours is so sweet, it is the best part about waking up to me. Please forgive me, my boys just don't wake up smiling, they make me smile every other minute of the day when I most need it, but mornings are not their strong suit.

Sophie Kate knows me, how special am I that she knows me and her daddy and her brothers. In fact, she knows a lot more than I give her credit for...she knows her name, she knows when someone is talking to her, she knows when she's outside b/c it's when she's most happy, she knows when she's standing (with assistance of course), please God let her know she's loved.

Her smile is absolutely infectious...

Jacob's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, please pray for him. He is completely unfazed by all this stuff, he is not worried one bit, so I am going to take my cues from him. I'll tell ya, I hope life never falls hard enough on him to take away who he is. God's got something great planned for this boy.

We are to be at the hospital at 8am, not sure exactly what time his surgery is scheduled for but I will update the website with information when I can. Thanks, guys

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