Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on SK

Report from the doctor:  
SK still has lots of thick green mucous running down the back of her throat (ewww yuck).  He said she's not any better because she's still sick.  In a warped kind of way this actually made me feel better.  When the powers that be start talking about SK's breathing problems, it usually goes down a road that I am not willing to face right now and it gets real scary.  So, I was actually glad to have a diagnosis and some perscriptions instead of lots of scary discussions. We have steriods, antibiotics and the suction machine out. Watch out SK we are giving you the full court press!

From earlier today:
Short and to the point today...Sophie Kate is still having trouble breathing easily and smoothly.  We are going to see her doctor about it this morning.  This week has been miserable, Chad and I aren't sleeping because her breathing has gotten so bad at night.  It's hard to describe/understand Tracheomalacia, but it's as if a portion of her airway literally collapses at times when she is breathing and is difficult for her to move air in and out. It doesn't stay that way, but it becomes worse when she lays down.  It is gravity related as well so laying on her back is out of the question.  We have had difficulty with this in the past and it seems to come and go when she is sick especially.  This time though is doesn't seem to be going away and it's been a week now since she was sick.  To top all that off, I've been sick this week and now Jacob is too. So in between the times we could have been sleeping when SK was behaving, we"ve been up dealing other sicknesses too, good times.

I don't know what they are going to tell us today, but she can't continue on like this (nor can we) so please pray for our appointment this morning and for her healing.  I'll update when I can.  Thanks guys.

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