Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Link

Typically, I don't like to post links of other's peoples blogs here because you would think that I could find the words to write myself,  but I wanted to share a beautifully written post by Ann Voskamp entitled "What to do in hard times." Her style of writing moves me and I am touched often by this gift God has given her.

What if these days that are so difficult that hurt so deeply were viewed differently?  If she were gone, I know that I would give anything to have even the most difficult days back.  What if we saw our days as holy?  

What if I did more than just survive this?  I am called to do more than just survive hard times.  I have a responsibility as a Christ follower to do more than just get through this.  I have a responsibility to Chad and to these boys and to their sister to do more than just survive this.

The world tells us that to be happy and to have purpose we have to be whole, complete.  I want to challenge myself to instead live in the abundant life Christ has promised where joy comes from the love our Creator has for us.  I am blessed because I am loved.  I am blessed because I have a Savior that laid down His life for me.

John 10:10 "...I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."  He didn't say it would be perfect or without difficulty or just like we wanted it to turn out, but he did say that it would be abundant.  Only can God can bring abundant blessings out of hard times.  

I hope you will read this and be as blessed by it as I was...  

Thanks for checking in on us.

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Joy said...

I'm reading her book, 1000 Gifts, right now. It's been an eye-opener to the grace that surrounds us all the time. Thanks for sharing.