Monday, February 13, 2012

Kindergarten Basketball

We've added another basketball player to the family this season.  So instead of having to go to two basketball games on Saturday, Sophie Kate gets to go to three and as if we didn't have enough going on daddy is coaching all three. Yeah, Saturdays are real fun around here.  

Grey is in Kindergarten and this is his first year to play basketball.  His games are a "hoot."  Now to him and his teammates it is serious business so I would never tell him that we find his games so comical, but if you have never watched Kindergartners play basketball you are missing some good laughs.  Oh, I also know that they don't want to hear that they are so dang cute, but they are.

He was so excited for his first game. 

Playing his buddy Hudson...

Clearly these two didn't care where the ball was, they just wanted to "guard" each other.

Sitting with his brothers on the bench...

They think they are so big.  In fact the father of one of the boys on the team missed their first game and the dad was so sad he wasn't going to get to see it.  His son told him not to worry that he could watch their game on TV.  Isn't that the best?!?  They totally think their games are televised, I love it!!

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