Monday, February 6, 2012

These Days

I am including this picture of Sophie Kate so y'all can all see the color of her hair.  It used to be brown but is now turning shades of red like mine and Grey's hair.  She's four and this has been going on since last summer I guess.  I've never known a child's hair to start changing that late.  My two older boys' hair has gotten darker over time, but it has just changed from blonde to dirty blonde.  Sk has gone from a brunette to a red head.  I am loving it, makes me so happy!

I am letting it grow out a bit this winter, playing around with different braids and such, but I know the bob will be coming back around as the weather changes from winter to spring.  

Baby girl is such a light with her presence and her smile. She's on the go these days to school 3 days a week, to basketball games for all of her brothers on the weekends and everywhere in between.  We're praying for a healthy "sick season" around here.  We have learned to be content in the regular-ness of "normal" days because things can change so quickly with our girl.  

There is something about being in the moment and being present in the everyday-ness of kids coming home from school, hearing about their day, listening to my kindergartner read to me, playing basketball out in the driveway and playing games after supper.  I'm grateful for these days healthy and at home.  These are the days I will miss when they are grown and my house is neat and clean all the time.

Thanks for checking in on us.    

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