Monday, February 20, 2012

The Beloved Three Day Weekend

I know you have all been on pins and needles wondering how our OT appointment went on Friday after my rant about the paper work last week.  It went really well.  I liked the OT who worked with us and we left with SK's new elbow splints.  They are homemade and those, in my opinion, tend to be the best ones.  I have always been so impressed by the therapists we have had the privilege of seeing who make their own stuff.  Yes, there are many pre-fabricated braces, splints, etc that could be "forced" to fit our needs, but I have always admired those that can make their own.  It takes more time and certainly more patience but it is so appreciated by the parents when they aren't hurried out the door for the sake of convenience.  

Sophie Kate's face was priceless when we put them on her Friday.  She wasn't crying or in pain, we knew that, but believe me her expression was worth a thousand words. "Y'all have got to be kidding me.  Take these things off me right now."  She may be non-verbal but we knew exactly what was on her mind and she was not thinking good thoughts about either one of us at that point.  I couldn't help but laugh.  

Our girl still isn't completely herself after being sick last week.  Her breathing concerns me and those around her, it's very noisy (more so than normal) and her tracheomalacia or "floppy airway" seems to be acting up something awful.  So please be in prayer that our girl gets back to her regular self real soon.

We have that sweet gift of a 3 day weekend culminating in President's Day today so of course my kids will be up earlier than they have to be on a school day.  As long as they don't wake up Sleeping Beauty and the Queen Mum there won't be any harm done, ha ha.  For Grey that 3rd day off of school translates into wearing pajamas all day, which is exactly what he did the last time we had a Monday off of school.  In fact when he wanted to go outside and play I said, "That's fine Grey but you need to change out of your pajamas," to which he replied, "Why mama?"  Being unable to come up with any sort of reason that mattered, I said "I don't really know so have at it."  And have at it he did...on the trampoline, shooting basketball and playing with friends all in his pajamas.  We are looking forward to another day just like that today.  

Thanks for checking in on us.

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