Monday, December 5, 2011


I know I totally let Halloween go this year and I also know that the time period in between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems an odd time to revisit it, but I can't let it go without at least an honorable mention.  Everything was so crazy here on the blog with our Disney trip and then updating about Jacob and Sophie Kate's surgery that somehow it got left out.

Well, I do know how it happened...see, SK was just a week out of surgery on Halloween and while I was so hoping we could get her back in her Cinderella dress...sister just wasn't feeling it.  She stayed home and handed out candy with her daddy while I went out with the boys.  

This is the part I hate, this split family thing that we are back to, I hate it.  One of us has to stay home with SK while the other one of us takes the boys wherever they need to go.  It started with Halloween but has now for the past 4+ weeks become a part of life once again.  Chad and I for the most part take turns, like going to church with the boys or going to see football/soccer games, you know stuff like, but I don't like it when she's not with us.  So I have to say that while I put on a happy face this year for Halloween, my heart wasn't really in it.  Thankfully, my boys didn't seem to pick up on it...hey, there was candy involved believe me they were happy.

 Jacob as Darth Maul, Grey as Boba Fett and Cooper as Captain Jack Sparrow 

No one could believe that was our sweet Jacob underneath that freaky mask and cape, they said it didn't fit his personality at all.  While they are right about his kindheartedness, they don't know him like I do, these boys love them some Star Wars. 

These guys dressed up for Halloween is still blog worthy in my book, even if their mama doesn't get to it until December.  Thanks for checking in on us.

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