Friday, December 16, 2011

A Kindergarten Christmas Party

The reason Sophie Kate is so happy in this picture...
is because she was able to get out and go to Grey's Kindergarten Christmas party.  We stopped by her classroom to see all her friends too.  They were so thrilled to see her and SK's face just lit up at all the attention.  She will be able to go back to her class after Christmas break.  

Grey was so happy that his sister came to his party.  He asked me to get her out of her wheelchair so that she could sit with him while his teacher read them a book.  I wasn't really sure how to make that work but we did it anyway.
Grey was great with her and so proud for her to be there.  He handled it all himself.  He is precious with her.
They had a Lego Christmas party.  Each child got there own container of Legos and a pad to build on.  What a great idea this was, the kids loved it!
I love the way she looks at him and looks up to him.  He feels responsible for her and looks after her in such a sweet way.
As Sophie Kate and I were preparing to leave, Grey's teacher told me how glad she was that we were able to come and how much Grey loves "that girl."  I already knew that, but it shows how deep his love is for her.  He can't help but talk about her even when she's not around.  He wants everyone to know his sister.
Now you know why SK smiles all the time, she knows she's loved.


Specks said...

What a sweet, sweet, sweet big brother she has! These pictures are just too precious for words. Your baby girl is so beautiful and I am so thankful that she looks like she is feeling better.

dawn said...

this brought a tear to my eye. beyond sweet. this furthers my desire to have a sibling for emerson. thanks for sharing :)