Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the Season

We attended our first Christmas party of the season a couple of weeks ago.  A family in our church hosted a special needs Christmas party in memory of their son and brother, Shaun.  It was a wonderful evening.  I am so glad our girl was up for it.  If the invitation had come too early we would have had to decline but she is feeling so much better that we thought she could handle it.

There were activities for the kids, dinner was served and Santa was there too.  When Grey found out Santa was going to be there he quickly stated that he knew it wasn't the "real" Santa, "it's one of Santa's helpers," he said.  Once we got there, we all quickly changed our tune.  "I think he's the real deal," I whispered to Grey.

Go ahead, pull on his beard, he ain't scared.

We rolled Sophie Kate up to Santa in her wheelchair and proceed to position her beside him for our picture.  Santa would have none of that and asked if he could hold her.

Santa was great with her, that's how we knew he was for real.

The boys got to carve a snowman out of a bar soap...

Grey kept decapitating his snowman, so he needed some help from Mr. Randy.

Their finished products...

Jacob made one for SK...

The boys also got into playing, of all things, the Dulcimer. Mrs. Payne had her Dulcimers there and she showed the boys how to play and they immediately took up with it, playing almost every song she taught them.  The sounds were wonderfully fantastic and Sophie Kate loved listening to her brothers play.  

After dinner, Santa did what he does best...give out presents of course.

These are my absolute favorites, just look at her face....

The sweetness of the night could be felt by everyone there. It was a wonderful evening for our family.  I love our church home.  It's a safe place for us, one where we feel loved and supported continually.  Folks stop and talk to Sophie Kate and I love that and she does too, believe me.

A special thanks to the Flowers family and our church for a fun night filled with the sweet aroma of love, encouragement and friendship.  

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