Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome Back Summer

Hello old friend, so good so see you again.  No matter what the weatherman says, when the kids get out of school it's officially summer.  We're done do I know? Well, water balloon fights have taken the place of math homework and hanging out at friends houses has taken the place of writing vocabulary sentences and staying up late has taken the place of early bedtimes which were all too often accompanied by weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Welcome back mornings with no particular place to go and eating breakfast so late that we might as well call it lunch (not that we have ever really done that, wink wink).  Come on in and stay awhile pool days that wear my kids slap out to the point where they don't have the strength to aggravate each other around the clock.  Nice to see ya movie nights where we stay up way later than we should and then sleep until...well, until we find ourselves eating breakfast so late that we should just call it lunch (again...not that I would ever really do that).

I've missed the smell of sunscreen, freshly cut grass, warm southern summer nights and dinner cooking on the grill. I've missed SK's sweet sun dresses and her chubby little bare feet.  We're looking forward to gatherings with family and friends, lake trips and some stress free, laid back summer days.  

Now please children don't make me change my opinion of summer by forcing me to endure things like..."Mama, make him stop" and "Mama,______ won't listen/share/play with me" and my personal favorite "Mama, I'm bored."  It's things like that that are going to cause the weeping, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth (mainly by me) and I'm afraid that won't go well with you, dear ones.

Here's to a happy summer, glad you're back!!   

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