Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break

As of Friday at 2:55, we will officially be on Spring Break.  So here's to a Happy Spring Break, we will spend ours...

-sleeping late, please please kids let's spend ours sleeping late

-staying in our pj's later than we should

-not having to be anywhere at any particular time


-no homework

-tree houses and zip lines

-no schedule

-shopping for some cute spring clothes with MiMi

-spending time out in the woods with BB guns (the boys and PawPaw, not SK)

-being dressed up in matching clothes with her cousins (SK, not the boys and PawPaw)

-staying up way past our bedtime (which is why we will be sleeping late, right kids?)

-being loved on a spoiled stinkin' rotten...well, that one will apply to all of my kids this week.

Ah, Spring Break, we are crazy excited to see you again.

Thanks for checking in on us. 

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