Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to Reality

This is the opposite of the way we all felt this morning getting up for school...

It's hard coming back to reality after a week off.  I am remembering those sweet smiles and the fun we had last week at my parent's house.

I will get back to proper blogging when I can come up for air.  Our Spring Break would not be complete without a trip to Urgent Care.  It's that accident prone middle son again, Jacob took a nasty fall on his bike over the weekend.  His knee took the worst of it although there is evidence of said trauma on his leg, hip, shoulder and face...of course there is, it's Jacob...he doesn't do anything half way.

We were too late for stitches (note to self, those have to be done w/in the first 6-8 hours of the injury), so they cleaned him up and patched him up best they could and sent us on our way with some antibiotics and a "he'll have a pretty impressive scar when it's all said and done."  Tell me about it, story of our livesWe'll at least it's one of the boys, b/c they would have had to make that look a whole lot prettier if that had been my baby girl. 

I'm missin' my babies today, I'll be sharing our Spring Break pictures soon.

Thanks for checking in on us.

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Specks said...

Sofie Kate is so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your email about the Vital Stem therapy~ we should be starting that up soon. Her head control seems so great; what a precious girl she is! I really enjoy checking in on you guys, so thank you for blogging :)

God bless,
Kelly S.