Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Need to Smile

These make me smile BIG time...

I need to smile, I have found myself not smiling lately...

If anything can make me smile, this has to!

Obviously these are from this summer, they were taken at the splash water park here in town.

I am definitely in some kind of funk, mentally and emotionally I am just not doing well. I am sad and am feeling attacked by satan. I am even going so far as to go back and read scripture that I leaned so heavily on back when SK was born. My plan was to share some of those verses but everything is so raw and at the surface right now that I don't think I can. I feel like I need to keep journaling and keep talking to God so that He can work this thing through.

In the meantime, I am thankful for this little red head, y'all he is hysterical...

even when he is upset.

So proud...sharing his work with us at his 3K open house.

Grey and Duchess(my parent's dog)

His beloved blankie...

Praying for some better more upbeat days ahead, thanks for checking in on us.

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