Friday, November 27, 2009

The Kiddie Table

The kiddie table at our Thanksgiving dinner this year...

It's official, we have outgrown the dining room table at Chad's parent's house. That's the G-man surrounded by all his cousins. They were so darling sitting at their little table with their very own table cloth, thanksgiving plates, matching cups, complete with place cards beside each plate just like the grown ups.

FYI-we were hosting a Flat Stanley for Thanksgiving this year, but I thought this picture was so cute of the little kids place settings.

We had put a little of everything on their plates and after we got past the "I don't like that stuff, "I'm not eating that" and "Can you take that off my plate," they all hunkered down and ate their share of bread with butter, corn and some buttered pasta (made just for them). The grownups deemed it a success b/c we actually got to enjoy a meal with them and decided not to fight them on their food choices. They were so precious.

Cooper and Jacob were at the grownup table this year as was Sophie Kate, which is "no fair" b/c I had to sit at the kiddie table growing up for WAY longer than they ever had to, but it's OK I'm not bitter or anything.

Why is it that as kids we can't wait to finally be at the grownup table or at least that's the way it was for me anyway. The kid table is way more fun, you get waited on hand and foot and you don't have to clean up. Not only do you not have to clean up but you get offered any cookie you want the then you get taken downstairs to a huge playroom where movies are playing and all manor of toys are waiting to be played with. It was our mission to keep that group happy. Doesn't sound like a bad deal for them does it? I think I want to go back to the kiddie table next year, ha ha!

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