Monday, November 18, 2013

Walt Disney World

Christmas came early this year.  My parents took our entire family to Disney World for a week.  There were 13 of us and I can assure you we played hard, slept little, ate way to much food and loved every minute of it.

This was the first airplane ride for 3 of our 4 children so Grey insisted on documenting the occasion with way to many selfies of him and me.  I kept the pictures to a're welcome.
It took a lot of prep work for our girl to fly, but by being prepared beforehand everything went really well getting her and all her stuff through security and on board the plane.  She did great on both the flight there and the flight home.  Would you have thought she would have been anything other than awesome?  Nope, me either.
Cooper flew when he was one, so he was the seasoned flier of the group.

(you wouldn't believe how many of these I had to delete off my phone)

We went shopping at Downtown Disney on our first day there.  It's amazing how willing kids are to go shopping when there is a Lego store involved.

Turns out the boys were able to help one of the master Lego builders in constructing a giant Tie Fighter (it's Star Wars people, remember SK and I are outnumbered by the boys, we have to put up with stuff like this all the time).

 My girl enjoying her day of shopping too. 
One look at that face and daddy wanted to buy out the entire princess section for her.  I can't say that I blame him.
We spent the afternoon and evening, swimming (in November), eating our dinner outside and watching a Disney movie poolside.
This was just the beginning of our week at Disney and just the beginning of Sophie Kate's birthday surprises too...first time on an airplane (she rocked it, of course), a week at Walt Disney World and a trip to the Bippity Boppity Boutique. 

Next up...our first day in the parks...Hollywood Studios.

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