Thursday, August 2, 2012

Smith Lake

Well, there's been so much going on since our Smith Lake trip that I haven't had a chance to give our vacation it's proper due.  This was our fourth year to spend a week at Smith Lake with my parents and my sister's family.  During those four years we have been on the the search for the perfect rental home for all 13 of us and I'm pretty sure we have found it.  In fact, my parents have already booked it for next summer!!

The dock has both shade, sun and a slide, which the boys love. 

Sassy keeping cool in the shade...
We brought a baby pool for her since she is unable to get in lake water.

It's great, they spend hours swimming in the lake only breaking for food and drink and then they are back at it.

It has quickly become a tradition to celebrate the July birthdays of Jacob and Emma Claire since they always fall so close to our trip.

Love this one! 

 I so enjoy a fun surprise...
 and this guy did not disappoint
 I love all his faces as he is opening his new iPod.
As you can see I couldn't pick just one, I had to include them all.  He was truly surprised, so thrilled and genuinely thankful.  Loved being able to do that for our newest 10 year old.
(Jacob and Emma Claire)

Here's some pictures from the night my sister and I tortured all the kids by making them shower, dress up and even smile.  I know, we're mean mamas, ha ha!

Another wonderful week at Smith Lake, great summer memories.  Next up...a fan favorite...tubing, stay tuned.

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