Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Waiting Room at Children's

Sitting in a waiting room at Children's Hospital doesn't usually get to me much these days.  Between Sophie Kate and Jacob, I have logged way more hours than my fair share or their fair share.  In fact, the clinic we found ourselves in this week usually has quite a few kids like SK in the waiting room...but not that day.  

We walk in to a full waiting room and as I quickly scan the area, I find no other children in wheelchairs, no children with walkers and no children showing any outward and obvious signs of CP.  It is an orthopedic doctor after all and it looks like we have been scheduled with the broken bones brigade, lots of children with casts on ankles, arms and such.  I feel the stares of both children and their parents, but keep my head straight forward and focused on my task. I hear the conversations around me.  People asking each other how old their children are and the purpose of their visits.  I hear someone say "She's four," and hope the folks around me don't see my eyes dart over to the little girl that's the same age as my SK.  I quickly look away like I don't care and it's really no big deal, even though it is.  All the while I am wondering...where are all our "friends" today? 

Children's is the only place where I feel like we don't stick out so much.  We know people there and they know us...but not on that day. 
Then I see that smile that is as bright as sunshine and I know that's where my focus should be.  Together we have logged a lot of time in waiting rooms and she has always handled it so much better than me...always smiling.

Thanks for checking in us.  

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