Thursday, August 9, 2012

A New Direction

It seems since our Smith Lake trip we have been running here, there and everywhere to doctor and therapy appointments for both Jacob and Sophie Kate.  We have sought a second opinion on Jacob's ear.  If you remember, his hearing hasn't got any better since his 4th surgery this past March.  He has now been put in the "severe" category for hearing loss in his right ear.

We are going to change directions a bit and change our approach and proceed with a hearing aid for Jacob's right ear.  Given the anatomy and condition of Jacob's ear, we have been told that there is only a 50/50 chance that another surgery would be successful for him.  Four surgeries are enough for now, as his doctor said, "It's time for him to get on with his life, get on with his sports and get on with his schooling."  Chad and I both agree, Jacob has had both school, sports and everything else interrupted with 4 surgeries over the past 2-3 years, not to mention the CAT scans and numerous ENT appointments.

Jacob is handling all these new developments well.  He has had his moments of anxiety and fear over what others might think or say about his hearing aid and I don't think we are completely done with those thoughts seeing as how he hasn't received the hearing aid yet and school hasn't started.  I have seen his tears from the pain of multiple surgeries and I have seen his tears over the fear of being made fun of and they are two different types of tears.  I know he can handle to pain of surgery, I've seen him do it.  I don't want to see him have to handle to pain of hurt feelings and a crushed self image because of mean kids, that breaks my heart.  This mama won't allow mean people beware!!  

Please pray for Jacob in the upcoming weeks as he gets his new hearing aid, learns how to use it and gets used to wearing it regularly.  I know Jacob will handle this with the same great attitude he has had in facing his past surgeries and subsequent recoveries.  If any of my children can handle this it's Jacob. not much gets this kid down.

Thanks for checking in on us.       

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