Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Successful First Day

All the kids were sent off yesterday morning with new backpacks, tennis shoes, freshly sharpened pencils and prayers for a great first day of school.  Sophie Kate is back with her preschool class for one more year, Grey is in 1st grade, Jacob is in 4th grade and Cooper starts middle school (6th grade).
Cooper's at a new school with multiple lockers (one for books, PE and band), lots of different teachers and changing classes.  He seems fine with all the changes.  I feel like I'm anxious enough for both of us.
Everyone reported a good first day.  They all liked seeing their friends again and we have great teachers across the board.  Jacob came home beaming telling us there is another kid in his class with a hearing aid!  Jacob gets his hearing aid next week and seems to be feeling better and better about it.  Sophie Kate was all smiles in the pictures her teacher sent out from their first day.  Cooper seems to have the "golden touch" for opening those temper-mental middle school lockers and Grey has declared that the first day was fun but he doesn't really need to go back, oh dear.  

No one had homework on the first day so that right there was enough to make a good day even better.  Day one has been deemed a success!!

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