Monday, August 27, 2012

Grey and Sophie Kate

I feel like I am always sharing a Grey and Sophie Kate story on here, but it seems that he is always thinking of her and looking out for her, it's the sweetest thing.  At church one Sunday he was asked to draw a picture of something that makes him happy.  He drew a picture of me pushing SK in her wheelchair.  His teachers thought it was him pushing her but he quickly informed them that he wouldn't draw himself in pink (ha ha).  He always draws SK in her wheelchair, it's all he has ever known.
This isn't the actual picture he drew that day at church but I have lots of these around the house.  There is one in SK's room by her bed and one in my room as well.  This is how he always draws me and SK, in pink and purple (girl colors according to Grey).  Clearly there is not a lot of detail but as you can see, SK is sitting in her chair and there are two wheels at the bottom...i.e. a wheelchair.

Grey is totally into swords, ninjas, etc.  If sword fighting was an Olympic event, Grey would be all over it...I guess fencing would be his next best option.  He loves his Nerf swords.  He told/showed me one day what he would do if a robber ever came into our house and let me just say that robber would be real sorry if he ever came through our door.  Grey went a step further though and said they better come in to his room because if they go in Sophie's room they will be in big trouble and proceeded to show me how he would mess them up but good for going anywhere near his sister.  

Grey is totally pumped about school this week, because his teacher has told him that he can go to his sister's preschool room and read a book to the entire class.  I love it!  He's thrilled and SK will be so happy to see her brother at school.  
No words needed!

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