Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Stop

The last stop on our Christmas tour of homes was my cousin's house. Yes, it is January 16, 2012 and I am still talking about Christmas.  Are y'all sick of it yet?  No? Good answer.  It's true that my children have far too many consecutive days of present opening around Christmas, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Sophie Kate and her cousins...


It's so nice to get together and see everyone, SK and I just like to visit.  Sister likes to be around some girls for a change too, ha ha.

Here are more pictures of my girl during our week long adventure at my parent's house over Christmas break...

 Duchess loved snuggling with SK on her blanket...
 (Daddy can I get a dog?)

 SK's classic half smile...

I know what you're thinking.  Where are all the pictures of the boys?  
Well, they are a lot harder to keep up with at PawPaw and Mimi's house than SK is.  They are usually outside either riding bikes, off playing with their cousins, or out back in the woods.  
Believe me, I would much rather be chasing SK around trying to get a picture of her with her boots on out in the woods with her brothers and cousins.    
That smile though, speaks volumes.  It tells me she feels good, it tells me she's comfortable, it tells me "I'm happy mama, it's gonna be ok."  

Well, I think I'm officially done with Christmas and now we can move on to New Year's, ha ha.  Stay close there's more to come including Grey getting stuck 20 feet in the air on the zip line...good times.

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