Monday, January 2, 2012

A Christmas Tour of Homes

Our Christmas tour of homes began on December 23rd with Chad's family and the much anticipated cookie decorating extravaganza.  

I have never asked my mother in law how many dozens of cookies she makes, but there are tons of them in all shapes and sizes.  There are Christmas trees, candy canes, snowmen, angels, stars and many others to decorate with your favorite color of icing and sprinkles galore.  There is no shortage of sugar, I can assure you.
Each year we take a group picture of all the grand kids, there are 11 total, all in coordinating outfits.  My brother in law takes that one causes he's got all the fancy camera equipment.  I tried to get one of my four afterwards, but "the sister" wasn't feeling very well and wasn't much into it.   
Next came the fun part...presents!!

I told y'all sister wasn't feeling good, she was pretty pitiful the whole day.  It think it was sinus stuff, she was extremely gunky and ran a low grade fever.

Just in case you can't read it, that's an ant farm.  We're going to have fun with that one later on.
 Sophie Kate getting into her stocking stuffers at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

SK showing off her new leg warmers, so cute!

Grey liked his head light.

Everyone playing with their hex bugs...

Hex bug races...

They were completely fascinated by these bugs, squealing and laughing out loud, so fun!

I hate to end things talking about bugs, it doesn't seem very "Christmasy" does it?  However, with 11 kids and only 10 adults we are out numbered.  We had a wonderful time eating, exchanging gifts and visiting with each other. Thanks to all the out of towners that make the effort every year to come to "the Ham" for Christmas.  

Stay close there are more stops for the McManic 6 on our Christmas tour of homes and just so I don't leave you hanging, Sophie Kate felt much better on Christmas Eve. Here's a sneak peek...
Thanks for checking in on us.

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