Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joy and Pain

We spent Labor Day Weekend at my parent's house and I haven't had a chance to share photos from our long weekend.  
All the girl cousins

We always get a picture of these girls each time we take a trip to the great state of Mississippi.  In looking over our pictures from the weekend, I was struck by this one.  It always brings about mixed emotions for me when I see them all together.  It's the world I live in...a hurt place that holds wishes and wants and then the sweetness and the smile that these girls bring to our life.

It is no secret to my sister and my cousin that it is painful at times for me to be around all these girls, they get that even though they may not understand it, but I am grateful that they allow me that.  Would it be ok if I described it as a sweet sadness?  That's all I can come up with right now. The thing is, it's just me.  Look at Sophie Kate's face in the above picture, she adores them and that's where the sweet outweighs the sad.

Baby Olivia wanted nothing more than to touch SK

Ahhh success...finally the laying on of hands.

Once more, the sweet outweighs the sad.  I know you can't see SK's face in this one, but it is still so precious to me. It's just pure joy and love, she doesn't care what her cousin can or can't do.  Sweet baby, she grows and changes so much in between the times I get to see her.  I pray that some healing may be able to come in watching her grow up.  

Continuing to pray for less of me and more of Christ, thanks for checking in on us.

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