Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feeling at Home

We went to my parent's house over Labor Day weekend. Would I say that I went home?  Maybe.  I would consider Memphis, TN my hometown.  Certainly home is wherever my husband and 4 children are and that happens to be Alabama.  I also considered Mississippi State University home for 4 solid years and have been a fan for even way longer than that.  

I have stated before that in going to my parent's house, I am not going back to the home I grew up in, just back to the folks I grew up with.  They live in North Mississippi now and I am reminded each time I visit during football season what I am really missing.  You see living in Alabama they are not real tolerant of other fan bases. There is Alabama and Auburn and little else, UAB fans only get mentioned as a side note at best.  At least living in Memphis you can find shirts, hats, team jerseys and hoodies for a variety of teams.  That is not the case in Birmingham, you choose sides and you choose sides early as it should be I might add.

So what is one to do when moving into hostile territory from a neighboring SEC fan base?  Well, first my advice would be to stay strong and stay loyal to your school by buying various and sundry car flags, shirts, ball caps, tailgating chairs, etc proudly displaying  your school spirit. Believe me, being a Mississippi State fan living in Alabama takes it toll on a person.  I have been jabbed at by many an Auburn and Alabama fan over the years, but it makes the victories even sweeter when I get to hang my huge maroon and white flag from the front porch every now and then.  

It's definitely a challenge raising children in such an environment as well.  I remember our friends giving us "Roll Tide" bibs and "War Eagle" hats at baby showers years ago and they have been trying to corrupt our children and bring them over to the dark side ever since, ha ha!  It is going to be quite an accomplishment if we actually succeed at keeping them Bulldog fans and Volunteer fans when they grow up.

Anyway back to our weekend, let me just tell you how at home I felt where each store contains maroon and white instead of crimson and white or from the store windows I could see Tennessee orange instead of Auburn orange (and oh yes there is a HUGE difference).  The Auburn/Alabama rivalry that I am surrounded by at home was replaced by the State/Ole Miss rivalry that I have grown up with my whole life.

There is nothing like SEC football and there are a lot of schools represented between our families...Mississippi State, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama and Auburn...yes, it's a lot of fun during football season!  Please don't get me wrong, lots of things were put into perspective when our little Sassy was born, college football being one of them. However, I am glad it's fall cause this is one super fun distraction!!!   
     Go State!!

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