Monday, September 19, 2011

It's His Turn Now

For five years my youngest son has sat on the sidelines, watched through the fence and/or ran around like a wild man at the many fields and courts we have been at over the years watching his brothers play sports.  Well, it's Grey's turn now...he played baseball in the spring and he is playing soccer this fall.

 Grey and pony, before their first soccer practice.

Warming up before the first game.

Yes, he wears his soccer "armor" (as he calls it) on the outside of his socks by choice and I have decided that it isn't worth fighting over.

Water break...

There was a younger sibling of one of the other players at the game and I couldn't help but notice how badly he wanted to be out on the field.  I overheard his mother tell him he could be the team mascot and I instantly thought of our little Grey.  He has been told that so many times, "It will be your turn one day Grey, how about you go and sit on the bench with the other players."

It's your turn now son and we are having a ball watching you play.

At the end of the game the parent's form a tunnel for all the players to run through.  You think Grey was a little excited, cause I wasn't sure.  

We're back to toting Sophie Kate back and forth from practice to practice, field to field and game to game.  She loves being outside and loves being around people.  I'm thankful for Saturday mornings and a community of friends to spend it with.

One last thing about Grey before I go, I shared this on Facebook last week but it bears repeating here as well. One morning before school Grey notices something in the corner of our family room..."Ewww, there's a spider web over there, is there a spider over there too?" he says.  "No Grey that's a cobweb (just keepin' it real) not a spider web" I say. Then with a wrinkled up nose and a questioning look he says and I literally quote, "Is there a cob over there?!?"

I can't make stuff like that up.  Thanks for checking in on us.

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