Monday, August 29, 2011

His Perspective

"You never know the truth of a situation until you understand it from the perspective of Jesus"-that was the message from our Pastor this week at church.  We have been exploring the subject of "When Life Hurts" over the past several weeks on Sunday morning.  There is no doubt that our family has been under attack lately.  We've not been healthy, there hasn't been much of a schedule and the grownups around here are physically and emotionally drained.  

It never ceases to amaze me how long it takes Sophie Kate to recover from illness.  I think I say this every time, you would think I would have caught on by now.  She has literally only gone to school 4 days in the last 3 weeks. She is missing her friends, her therapy and her smile.  To put things in a little perspective, I went to 2 CT scans with 2 different children at 2 different hospitals all in 1 day last week.  After spending 12 hours in the ER with SK due to some lingering issues with her latest bout of "the sickness," I then went with my middle son to the ENT to see about his "bionic ear" that isn't being very bionic these days.  That 24 hours was topped off with the news that there is going to be surgery #3 on the "not so bionic ear" this fall.  If you are keeping count, our fall surgeries are up to two now, one for SK and one for Jacob.  P.S. other children and husband, I am no longer taking any appointments for fall sicknesses, procedures, doctor's appointments or surgeries...we're FULL!!

This is just how we roll though.  Seriously, if you know us then you know this about us.  I almost laughed out loud when I was in the ER with Sophie Kate and the nurse started her sentence out with "In rare cases...."  Oh, honey just plan on it then cause we live in the world of rare cases.

Scratch last weeks post about me hoping SK can string together more than two days at school, I am just hoping from more than one day this week.  I miss summer like no body's business and let me add that I am not liking being a grownup right now either.  We need some serious prayer covering us over here.  I feel like we are barely keeping our heads above water and I'm getting real tired.

"You never know the truth of a situation until you understand it from the perspective of Jesus."  The world's truth shows pity for my daughter, but Jesus shows compassion, the world tells me she doesn't matter, but Jesus values her.  The world makes fun of her, laughs or stares but Jesus loves her.  The truth the world throws at me would leave me hopeless, but in Jesus there is hope.  

Praying for His perspective each day, thanks for checking in on us.

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Just said big prayers for your family. Praying that you will rest in God today and feel His comfort.