Monday, August 15, 2011

One Week Down

With one week of school under our belt, we are slowly but surely succumbing to a schedule around here.  We were whipped last week long about Thursday, Kindergarten will most certainly wear a fella and his parents out.  Sophie Kate who had gotten out of the habit of napping regularly, quickly rediscovered the wonderfully refreshing qualities a good nap will do a body.  It seems Preschool is equally tiring for baby sister. 

Thankfully our teachers had mercy on us and gave very little homework as we worked toward adjusting our bodies back to wake up calls at (ugh) 6:30 for the boys and double (ugh) 5:45 for me.  I am sure my husband is laughing to himself right about now as he has left me many a summer morning sleeping soundly on his way out the door to work. God bless him, now he gets a little payback while he watches me drag myself out of bed each morning.  I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here but suffice it to say I am NOT a morning person.  God love him for putting up with me this week at 5:45, our marriage must be strong cause it was sure put to the test this week, ha ha!

Everyone seems thrilled with their teachers and there has been little to no grumbling from our oldest about school starting back, which thrills me.  Grey comes home each afternoon, so excited to tell me about his day, I love that. Sophie Kate while not enjoying the early morning hour, has very much enjoyed seeing her friends again and being back in her classroom.  Sister is a lot like her mama.

Grey had some other notable firsts this week as if starting Kindergarten wasn't enough.  He went to a new Sunday School class and Children's worship for the the first time this past Sunday, such a fun worship time for K-4th graders at our church, so glad he's a part of that now.  He also had his first sleep over.  Now, he has spent the night away from home before but only with family, this time it was with his buddy Jacob.  Yes, it's been a lot to take in.  Please time slow down, didn't he just get out of his baby bed?  

I guess there is something to be said for the schedule we are finding ourselves in once again.  There is some predictability and routine-ness that we can find some comfort in, right?  I am trying to convince myself of that anyway.  We can't just continue on in the carefree, unpredictable days of summer, can we? Maybe the scheduled days are there so that we will appreciate the unscheduled ones that much more. 

We found ourselves without Internet for two days here this week and I didn't appreciate it one bit.  Seriously can I not go two days without Internet?  A sad commentary I know. On the bright side my Mac and I were able to enjoy some Starbucks coffee and free WiFi together, wherein I promptly emailed Chad at work telling him that maybe this whole "back to school" thing wasn't so bad after all. 

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Lauren said...

so glad your kiddos are having a great time re-adjusting! :) It's hard for us teachers too!