Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Littlest Husky

We took Sophie Kate to her first Hewitt Trussville High School football game this past Friday night.  The only thing to look forward to once school starts (besides the school holidays of course) is the start of football season.  It was a great night, the heat and humidity were down and there was a slight breeze making it's way across the field and through the stands from time to time.  Pretty unlikely weather for this time of year in Alabama but we'll take it and take them we did...all of the season opener for our Huskies.

SK dressed out in her red and white...

Jacob was the only one who would do the pregame face painting.  If you knew him it wouldn't surprise you at all.  I love his spirit.

She may have not made it through the whole game, but I guarantee you she outlasted a lot of the grownups.

Still going strong...

Showing our Husky Spirit...

We could not have asked for a better night, SK was so good and the boys...well, they were boys and they are always going strong and high energy.  I was undecided most of the day whether we were going to attempt going to the game or not.  I was a bit grumbly about what we were going to do with SK, where were we going to sit, would there be room for her wheelchair or stroller?  Were we going to be sitting off by ourselves somewhere in some kind of handicap section?  I didn't necessarily want to be sitting and holding her the entire game...she's heavy y'all.  So back and forth we went...were we going to brave the game with our brood or not?

I am so glad that Chad gave voice to the decision making and determined that we were going to try it, b/c it turned out so good.  We did end up holding SK throughout the game but we alternated back and forth.  We also noted that her chair would probably fit in front of the first row of bleachers if we could get some help getting it up there, so at least we know we have options. 

We have got to make these moments happen for her, staying home b/c it's too much trouble is not an option for us.  It's a lot of work getting us all together, but totally worth the effort for our entire family to experience something together and it doesn't get much better than football in a small town.  We have a great community and we love our football.

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