Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Multiple Title Post

1Hey y'all, this post is going to be free from medical updates, recent doctor visits and free from progress or lack thereof in therapy.  Nope you will not find any of that here in this post (and it's not even a "Not Me Monday" for those of you who are avid blog readers like me), this post is just going to be FUN!

As you all know from the two previous posts, we have been having a rough couple of weeks with SK, so with Daddy being off work on Wednesday of this week, we made an executive decision.....we ditched school, therapy and work for some family time!  At the time we really didn't know what we were going to do, we were just going to do something and boy did it turn into quite the adventure.

Our morning started calmly enough we took the kids to a late breakfast at IHOP, which Cooper declared he liked better than Cracker Barrel breakfast, not really sure how I feel about that but it was super good.  We then headed out to Oak Mountain State Park to see what kind of adventure we could find.

Our first stop was the petting farm and hence the first title that today's post was going to be "When Farm Animals Attack."  There are going to be several different titles today b/c I could not choose just one and they all spoke to a different part of our day, so indulge me on this.

Do you notice someone conspicuously absent from this picture?

No, it's not SK and no farm animals did not attack SK, contrary to what it looks like in this picture.

It's Grey, no farm animals didn't attack him either, but he acted like they might at any moment and kept at a self imposed "safe distance" from them at all times.

This probably didn't help Grey's firmly held belief that all the "cows" were going to eat him.  We've really got to work on farm animal recognition with him, don't we?  P.S. Grey, there weren't any cows there at all....goats, sheep, horses, yes....cows, no.

Sophie Kate's first pony ride, awwww!

Cooper loved petting the baby goats, I'm sorry Grey I mean "cows."

I had to throw this one in there just b/c it's so funny to me.  He has no clue how small he is, I love it!

So sorry, this is going to be a long post, I'm just going to lay it out there for ya, but we had quite a day.  Title #2 courtesy of Jacob is "This is just like Survivor."  Yes folks, next we were off to "hike" to the waterfalls and by hike I was thinking leisurely walk.  Wow was I sorely mistaken and I mean "sorely" in every sense of the word.  Y'all seriously it was only .4 miles.  I know you are all laughing so was I until I found out that .3 of the miles were down steep ravines in which we were literally scooting down on our bottomers.  Now, I have to pause here b/c this is eerily reminiscent of another questionable judgement call Chad and I made in this post.

Alright, back on track here, props definitely go to Chad, who carried SK on his back in the baby backpack.

It was sooo worth it though once we got to the bottom and absolutely made our kids day.

One of my very favorites of the day....

Our picture of the day b/c it goes perfectly with our word of the day...FUN!

It's called brooding, not mad, right?

Daddy and his baby girl

What I hold most dear on this earth....

SK post "hike" and by hike I mean the toughest .4 miles (.8 round trip) one can possibly do in one day, ha ha!

Y'all I am seriously not exaggerating until we got back on the nice wide path that led us back to our car, we were literally going straight down on the way to the bottom of the falls or straight up (which I actually found easier) like bear crawling on our way out of the falls.  I have never in my life and Chad did it all with (grandparents this is where you all must stop reading) SK on his back, SK and I think he's the man!  The boys had the time of their life despite let's bloody nose for Grey, not Jacob, I know y'all are surprised at that one.  Jacob did get in on the injury action though with an unfortunate reinjury to an already torn up knee.  Oh, yeah that thing's going to be looking pretty bad by the weekend.

The third and final title for today's post also came from my son Jacob, "Take it like a man."  Can y'all believe he said that to me on the way up the ravine on the trip back?  To which I promptly responded, "I'm not one," to which he said, "Then take it like a woman," to which I quickly quipped back (and ladies don't be offended by this, please know it was in a moment of weakness) "I AM and now we are all going to sit here and rest on these benches until your daddy figures out how to get the minivan down here to rescue us"-----that really happened and do y'all know that I did the whole thing in my yellow box black w/white polka dots flip flops?  Cut me some slack, I had no idea that was going to be on the agenda when we left that morning, but boy do those little babies have a story to tell now.  P.S. Chad, I'm getting me some new yellow boxes out of this.

It was a great day, so good for us, it totally hit the spot and the boys are already begging to go back, that's the true sign of a good time.  Priorities guys, we can't take any of our "stuff" with us, God, family and friends are what we need to hold close to and these 5 are my blue sky.

I posted more pictures from our day in the photo album, there were just too many for this one post and also on my Facebook page if you are on Facebook.

Thanks for checking in on us, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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