Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recap of the Weekend

Finally, I get a chance to blog about our Memorial Day Weekend.  Oh, no not b/c I haven't had a chance it's b/c I forgot my camera and have been so bummed that I can't post any pictures.  Well, problem solved, we were with Chad's family this weekend, so I have confiscated my mother-in-law's camera, maybe it will be a while before she notices it's gone and I can keep it over here and pretend it's mine.  I love it b/c it's one of those digital cameras that actually takes the picture when you push the button as opposed to ALL the other ones where you get about a 2 second delay, are y'all feeling my pain, cause I hate when that happens.

Anyway, I digress, back to our weekend.  We have had Daddy off work for so long (5 days) that tomorrow is going to be a painful dose of reality for me.  It's been fun though.  We had friends over Friday night and all the boys (they have 3 as well) were outside until dark.  Gotta love it when the kids are so tired that they really don't protest very much when it's time to go to bed.

Saturday morning we left for Atlanta, for a cookout with Chad's family.  I'm pretty impressed with us we didn't get up until after 7:00am and left at 9:30am and that included showers for all 6 of us and packing for an overnight stay and believe me Miss Sassy doesn't travel lightly.  We figured we could do without a lot of things if we happened to forget them, but we knew we couldn't leave out any of SK's things, some of that stuff you know isn't sold at your local drugstore, we would have just been coming home.  We did well though, we didn't leave anything behind except my camera of course.

Saturday was spent with lots of family, lots of cousins playing and lots of good food.  The rain held off for the most part, only one or two passing showers and then all the kids were right back at it.  It was actually nice the clouds hung around so it never got too terribly hot.

First they played in the sand...

Next, they raced around the backyard...

Look at those faces, I wish they knew how to have fun.

As you can see Grey just likes to be driven around...

...or dragged around, whichever.

Oh, I'm sorry did y'all think baseball season was over?  Oh, no they play it everywhere they go...

Finally, our day ended with a 3 year old version of a battle-royal...

They just kept chasing each other and then piling on top of each other, it was hilarious.

What about my little sweetie, what was she doing while all of this craziness was going on around her?  Being adorable, of course.

SK did so good on our trip.  She had a bit of trouble going to sleep Saturday night, but overall she was an absolute angel, even in the car, she did great!

Monday was a bit dreary here so we spent most of it playing an intense game of Star Wars monopoly (or as Jacob calls it bonopoly).  Yes, I admit it we have Star Wars monopoly and I will not defend Chad by saying that we got it after we had kids, b/c we didn't.  Also, I am not ashamed to say that I beat them all and am now the reigning champion for 2 games running, Queen Amidala and I rule the Galaxy!  Ok, I've gone to far now, haven't I?

We are entering our last week of school and our last week of regularly scheduled therapy, I think I just heard SK cheering in the background.  Yep, it will officially be summer here for us, when the kids get out of school on Thursday.  Thanks for checking in on us.

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