Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Wasn't Asked

We survived the double header doctor appointments on Tuesday (March 4).  We found out that Grey is as wide as he is tall, 40 pounds and 40 inches.  Seriously, y'all we are going to be cooking 3 pounds of bacon for breakfast for these guys when they are teenagers, if not sooner than that.

Miss Sassy is up to 24 pounds 8 ounces and is 33 inches long or tall, which ever you prefer.  For those of you who are interested in percentages, SK is 50th percentile in weight and 95th percentile in height, so she's taller than 95% of children her age, no big surprise there.  By the way, Grey is 95% across the board.

Yes, they did measure Sophie Kate's head circumference, but I opted out of that one.  I told them I did not want to know what it was.  SK's nurses are so precious and so good to us and they know how much that measurement has been upsetting me over the past months.  I decided that it is just a number and as much as I want that number to be in the normal range it isn't.  SK is not defined by a number or by the size of her head for that matter.  She is who she is.....and some days that is absolutely heartbreaking and devastating to me and then some days I am able to find joy in the small things she can do.

Sophie Kate is a daughter of the Most High King and her worth is defined by His love for her and to Him she is a big deal.  To her God she is not a diagnosis, she is not a number and she is certainly not a sad, tragic story of how things went wrong.  She is wonderfully made in His eyes.  I am saying this more for my ownself than for anyone else, I wish I could see her through God's eyes.  I wish I could see the big picture.  Who knows even if I did it probably wouldn't matter, I would still want her to be healed, to be able to sit up and to walk and to be able to hear her sweet voice call my name, but guess what, God didn't ask me.  He didn't say to me, hey this is going to happen but just watch the way I am going to work this out.  Satan intended this to harm you and your family but watch and see how I am going to turn this around for good.  No, I wasn't asked about this b/c I am human and I would have said "No" to this proposal.  "No" God use someone else's baby, "No" God bring good out of a tragic situation in someone else's life, not mine.

No, I wasn't asked, but now I pray....Father, let your Glory shine through these circumstances, out of what Satan intended for bad, God, only you can bring forth good.  Father, please continue to work in and around and through and all up and over Sophie's life, give us the strength to face each day, keep our eyes focused on You and allow us to be keenly aware of Your very real and active presence in our lives everyday.

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