Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is it summer yet?

It's that time of year when I deem the school year so close to being over that I kind of start "checking out."  The weather has turned a summertime kind of warm and Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner signaling an official start to our summer.  I can't check out completely though because there are still some projects to wrap up and Middle School exams to get through so I have to power through or at least pretend to for my kids, right?

I am weak though and our weekends are only foretelling the awesomeness that is in store for us when we can sleep late again.  My children, knowing the end is near, sense my weakness.  With high hopes of getting checked out early or even possibly getting to stay home, Grey says all the right things like "I need a pajama day" or "I just want to stay here with you and Sophie."  He's good, he's real good and I am powerless to his charms in my weakened state.

Sophie Kate's appointments are going to push on into our summer.  We are still in the process of having splints made and fitted properly.  We have appointments scheduled for Botox injections and for check ups on how she is doing with her new equipment.  However, she's feeling good right now and we are all back at church together.  She gets the biggest kick out of being around people.  She loves waking up to the rowdiness of all her brothers being home so this summer ought to be the time of her life, ha ha.

I want her to see and do and go and feel and smile and know that she is loved so so big.  We are ready not only for some quality time with our boys but also quantity time.  So you can see how when Grey says, "I just want to stay home with you and Sophie," I get a little bit mushy and weepy inside.  Yep, we're ready for you to be home with us too...all of you.

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