Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

These four call me mama...
and it doesn't matter what they give me on Mother's Day or where they take me to eat.  This relationship is forged in the everydayness.  It started as I carried them warm and close with me for 9 months.  It grows stronger with every hug, kiss, tear, smile and conversation we share.

Cooper and I have laughed so hard lately.  I hope I never forget the sound of him laughing uncontrollably and I hope he never forgets how much we laugh together.  I recently had a conversation with Jacob about how much I value his individuality even when it seems like others around him don't.  I've spent time scratching the back of my youngest son because when I do he'll lay beside me forever.  I've held the hand of my little girl, looked into her sleepy eyes first thing in the morning and told her over and over how beautiful she is and how much she is loved.
It's cute how Chad tries to get them to get along and not complain on Mother's Day, but it's just about impossible to get 3 brothers to get along all day long no matter what the occasion is.  We're loud, we play hard and laugh even harder.  They are all mine and I don't want them to be anyone other than who they really are.

Happy Mother's Day to all of y'all getting it done...I feel your joy and your pain, we're in this thing together.            

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