Monday, May 19, 2014

What's your story?

Our Spring semester of horseback riding ended a week ago with a horse-show put on by the riders of Special Equestrian.

This has been such a neat thing for us to experience with her.
Our girl received a first place ribbon and a trophy. Somebody please tell me how every participant does not deserve a trophy...go ahead, I dare you!  I'm not sure who was more excited for her...Chad and I or Grey.
As you can see, Sophie Kate pretty much relaxes when she is on her horse.  It was a sweet ceremony and she got to ride a long time which she loves.  These animals are such good therapy for her.  I am so thankful that she is able to participate in Special Equestrians at this time.

There is a new movie coming out soon called "The Fault in Our Stars," actually it is a book being made into a movie. Now I don't put myself in situations to read or watch sad books or movies, but I have seen the movie trailer for this book/movie that I will not be reading or watching and there is one part of the trailer that I absolutely loved.  The main guy character is talking to the main girl character and he says, "What's your story?" The young girl replies, "Well, I was diagnosed when I was 13..." The guy then says, "No, I mean 'what's your real story, your hobbies, your passion." I seriously love that part.  I've decided this is going to my new response for Sophie Kate.  When doctors, therapists, etc ask me about her story I am gonna say, "Well, she loves music and being outside.  She is happiest around her brothers and likes to be right in the middle of noise and chaos.  She smiles really big when you get on her level and talk to her."  I can't wait to see all their faces.

Seriously, if I tell you she has Cerebral Palsy what does that really tell you about her?  If I tell you she is feed through a feeding tube and is on continuous oxygen now and she has seizures and she is nonverbal and is wheelchair bound...what does that really tell you about who she is? But when I say she has a smile as bright as sunshine and she lights up when you talk to her not at her and she's really into Tinkerbell right now...well, that's a description.  When I say she likes for someone to read to her and smiles when listening to music and likes to be tickled well that my friends is a story worth telling.  

Okay so while I will most definitely not be seeing this movie because it's going to be super sad and I don't do that to myself anymore, I have to say that I really love that part of it and am quite satisfied that it is the only part of that movie I will ever see.  I am so going to do this though and I will report back and let y'all know about all the funny looks and responses I get.  She is so much more than the sum of her diagnoses.   

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